Monday, June 6, 2011

Made to Crave--Chapter One

1. One weight loss company personifies craving as a little orange monster that chases us around, tempting us to eat unhealthy foods. Take a moment to reflect on your own experience of craving, recently and over time.
If you could personify craving based on your experience of it, what form might it take? Would it be like the little orange monster or would it take a different shape? Describe what your craving looks like and how it behaves. If you could sit down and have a conversation with this imaginary craving, what do you think it might say to you? What questions would you want to ask it? How do you imagine it might respond?

I would see it as a little green devil on my shoulder, telling me all the Devil's lies about why I deserve to give in to my cravings. It sneers and jeers at me when I make healthy choices. I think it talks to me in smooth, soothing tones until I argue with it, and then it is nasty and smart back to me.

2. How do you respond to the idea that God made us to crave? Have you ever pursued a craving--a longing, passion, or desire--that made a positive contribution to your life? What do you think distinguishes that kind of craving from the craving that leads you to eat in unhealthy ways?

The thing that comes to mind is how with all 3 pregnancies, I physically craved ice water! It was what my body needed and the desire for it took place of all the cravings I might have had for sugar sweetened drinks. It was a good craving that felt empowering and positive to fulfill, unlike fulfilling the desires for bad for me foods, etc. I didn't feel guilt after consuming it like I do other things.

3. If it's true that we are made to crave, how might it change the way you understand your cravings? Do you believe there could be any benefits to listening to your cravings rather than trying to silence them? If so, what might these benenfits be? If not, why not?

If I use it as a stepping stone to pray instead of reach for the things I want to eat, it can definitely be a good thing! It will lead me to a closer relationship with the Lord!

There are other questions, but these are the ones that struck me.....I only shared my answers to these, and will do so for the other chapters as well.