Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I know you have a plan!

Dear Lord,

I am trying so hard to not get bogged down in letting the worries of this world overwhelming me. I know that You have greater plans for me than I can even fathom. I need to work on being a good steward with what we been blessed, and keep moving in a positive direction. I have all my physical needs met, and my family is healthy. That is much more than many can say. I have a job that I love and friends that mean the world to me. I am blessed in so many ways. I am trying to uplift my husband and follow the words of Your servants. Please continue to guide me, and remind me to trust You. I know that if I continue to seek your guidance, I cannot go wrong! Thank you so much for all You do Lord, and for saving me, and for loving me unconditionally!

I love you, Lord! Amen.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Are we headed to a commitment?

Isaac is my 7 year old. Our church does not have programs on Wednesday evenings for kids, so when he was invited to Royal Ambassadors at a neighboring church, that was great! He absolutely loves it! He gets really upset if he has to miss it, and it isn't that he wants to be there with his friends, cause he isn't really good buddies with anyone that is there each week. He told me last week that one of the adults there had asked him about having been baptised, so I knew that they were discussing such subjects.

He was in the car with me the other night when L. called and told me that her mother had made a commitment to Christ, and he heard how excited I was! He asked me if he would have to do that someday, and I told him no, that he didn't HAVE to, but I prayed that he would decide to. So this is something that has been on his mind to ask more questions.

So tonight, a couple and their children from the church where he attends R.A.s stopped by. They said that they heard that he had recently been saved, and I was kind of surprised by that! So they backed up and said that maybe it wasn't that he had made a commitment but that he was asking questions about it and wanting to know more about it.

We talked on the front porch for a while. I was probably not a nice hostess, and now I'm embarassed cause I didn't have them come in! But honestly, I am used to GOING on the visits with my dad (a retired United Methodist minister) not being the one visited! I don't really know what the protocol is! Oh, well, at least I teach with C. so I can explain it to her!

So when we came inside I told Isaac that if he was wanting to talk about making a commitment to have Christ as his personal Savior, that his dad and I would be glad to answer any questions he had and talk to him about it. I asked him if he understood what that meant, and he said that he just wanted to learn more about it and about Jesus. So I think he's not quite ready to step forward with a commitment just yet, but he is definitely getting interested. I'm going to talk to my dad about what to say and such, so that I can know the right things to say!

Please pray for us as he starts to make these decisions!