Monday, January 9, 2012

Dwelling in His Presence chapter 2

Read Genesis 3:8-13. What are some of the ways that God uses to call us to come out of hiding?

Asking us directly, asking how we know what we did was wrong, asking why we did what we did

In what ways to do you tend to hide from God?

I hide in my busy-ness

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dwelling in His Presence chapter one

Using his words in Phillipians 3:7-8 as a guide, write out your desire to be intimate with the Lord.

I want to discard the things that the world sees as important and spend my time cultivating a relationship with the Lord, for that is much more important in my eyes. I don't need to follow the world's rules and policies--the only one I need to worry about pleasing is the Lord!

How does God's invitation to intimacy stir your heart?

It brings back to mind what I so often forget in the busy, fast paced world: that God loves ME for ME, nothing more or less. He created me and knows even my innnermost thoughts, and loves me anyway. He WANTS to spend time with me and thinks I am wonderful just the way I am. Why would I avoid spending time with one who loves me so completely and unconditionally??

What are some hinderances or distractions that keep you from consistently dwelling in His presence?

I'm 'too busy', I'm 'tired'...I spend time doing mindless tasks that could be discarded forever instead of taking the time to spend with the Lord. I have to make Him the priority He desires to be, and spend the time with Him that He so wants me to spend!!

Prayer: Dear Lord, I am humbled by Your invitation for intimacy. May I not be content just to stand in the door; I desire to enter in and stay in order to enjoy the richness of Your grace and love. Amen.