Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I know you have a plan!

Dear Lord,

I am trying so hard to not get bogged down in letting the worries of this world overwhelming me. I know that You have greater plans for me than I can even fathom. I need to work on being a good steward with what we been blessed, and keep moving in a positive direction. I have all my physical needs met, and my family is healthy. That is much more than many can say. I have a job that I love and friends that mean the world to me. I am blessed in so many ways. I am trying to uplift my husband and follow the words of Your servants. Please continue to guide me, and remind me to trust You. I know that if I continue to seek your guidance, I cannot go wrong! Thank you so much for all You do Lord, and for saving me, and for loving me unconditionally!

I love you, Lord! Amen.


Peter Chen said...

Hi Christi,

Daughter of a preacher? Wonder if it is easy to be one, but looks like it has become a great blessing.

Thanks for leaving a comment in my post "stciky post" with an expiry date and for your kind words. Glad the post helped you. I have also responded to your comment.

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DidiLyn said...

Your prayer blessed me today. Thanks.

Mel's World said...

Christi...very well is always endearing when it comes straight from your heart!