Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Am study: I AM Your Fame

The title of this chapter reminds me of one of my favorite Chris Tomlin songs, "Famous One". And that reminds me of the t-shirt that he sold on tour several years ago that had a star covered with the words "I am not famous". That has definitely been a conversation starter!

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate yourself on how often your conversation is seasoned with the works of the Lord on your behalf? If you speak very little of Him, is there a reason you know of? If you speak often, how do people respond?

I'd say that I'm around a 6. It depends on where I am. Like right now, I'm not out and about as much, so other than with my kids, I don't have the opportunity to discuss Him as often. When I'm working, He comes up much more often. There are only a few people that I have ever discussed Him with that reacted negatively, one of them being a janitor at work. I'm still praying for him and working on him, as are many others on our faculty.

2. Have you experienced a Set Up for a Show Up when you were uncertain whether the situation was the chastisement of the Lord or a temptation of Satan?
Maybe....God definitely was shown to be the stronger in the situation, but I'm still not sure if I was not tempted by Satan. My intuition told me NOT to get into the situation, and I didn't listen. Hence the maybe!

3. Have you ever or are you now experiencing any Job trials where you can still not identify any wrong-doing on your part?

No, thanks be to God! And I pray that I do not have to go through any!

4. Apply this principle: How can my response make my God famous? Will obedience result in my sanctification and God's Glory?

Right now, it can be that I am following God's lead on going back to school. There are quite a few times that I have felt almost sick with apprehension, but I am certain of God's hand in how I came to have this opportunity. It is not going to be easy at all but with His help, I can do it!

5. Does the origin of our affliction matter in view of the fame God can gain from it?
No, I don't think so. God can gain fame from ANY situation if we choose to give Him the glory!