Monday, October 13, 2008

A question posted in an online study....

Meditate on the title "Most High." What does it mean to you? How do you or will you incorporate it in your worship?

To me, the title Most High means that God is above all--above all governments, all the planets, all the stars, all that we as humans know and can even begin to perceive. It amazes me to think that at the same time that God is the Most High, he is also totally attainable by us! He is High but He has made himself humble for us. He has done this even though He would NEVER have to, but because He desires a relationship with us! Isn't that just awe-inspiring??

I need to certainly put Him above my own selfish needs and desires since He IS the Most High. Since He has humbled himself, how much more I need to show Him my love, allegiance, and appreciation by worshiping Him in ALL I do and say and even think! My life should be a constant act of worship and praise!


Cindy said...

We get so caught up in our day to day lives that we forget sometimes to praise the Most High.
Thank you so much for running my entrecard on your site!

Tony said...

You're on to something. We can say we worship God as the Most High - but we tend to back off a little if that means we might have to suffer or even be inconvenienced.

Anonymous said...

Praised be the Most High - the condemner or redeemer of every value, of every daily god. :-)


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penlighted said...

Amen to everything that you have said..

thank you for visiting my blog..

Blessings to you!