Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Romans 5:1

I've just listened to 2 podcasts from Bible Study Podcasts on the above verse. I really like the guy who does these podcasts. I stumbled upon them on iTunes. Last night I listened to a podcast on Romans 5:19, and decided to back up and listen to the whole series on Romans 5.

Here are some thoughts I had while listening that I want to remember:

We can't be righteous on our own.We can only find peace by putting our trust in God.

Our words are external evidence of God in our lives....are they always?? We need to be aware of what we say, because people may be turned on/off to Christianity because of our words and actions.

Our works are not what saves us, but they are evidence of our justification.

If we reject God's peace offering(i.e.:,Jesus), we are saying we want to continue the war within us.


JCD said...

Toby is great!