Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 2: Innocence Lost

It's interesting to note that Adam gave his wife this endearing name (Eve) after the fall. He could have called her "Temptress" or "She-devil." Instead he prophesied concerning her future rather than pronouncing judgment on her past...From this point on, people are born in sin (with a tainted bloodline) and born to sin (possessing a wicked nature.)Before being too harsh with Eve, try walking in her bare feet. She didn't have a Bible, a pastor, a mother, or a friend to instruct her. God had not warned her to avoid talking snakes.

Today's lesson is based on Genesis 3:1-6.

1. Describe the Serpent in your own words.

The Serpent was Satan in disguise. It must not have been scary--of course, Eve had never felt fear--but it must not have been something uncommon or unappealing to see, as Eve did not flee from it.

2. Explain who initiated the conversation, and recount what was said.

The Serpent initiated the conversation. He asked Eve if God had forbade them to eat from any tree of the garden. Eve answered that God had given them permission to eat from any tree EXCEPT the one in the middle of the garden. She explained that if they ate from that tree or even touched it, they would die. The serpent then told her that they would NOT die, but that their eyes would be opened and they would be like God.

3. Compare the woman's response with God's original command given in Genesis 2:16-17.

The original command was not to eat from the tree, or they would die. Eve went farther than the original command and added that they were also not to touch the tree.

a. To whom was that command given?

the man

b. What phrase did Eve omit?

the tree of the knowledge of good and evil

c. What phrase did Eve insert?

She added that were not even to touch the tree

d. What does this tell you about Eve's view of God?

She thinks that she can change the commands of God to fit her will. She views God as there to give her what she wants.

4. List four things the Serpent promised would happen if Eve ate of the fruit.

--your eyes will be opened
--you will be like God
--you will know good
--you will know evil

5. What three things motivated Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit?

She saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasing to the eyes, and she desired to be made wise.

6.a. What final action did Eve make?

She then gave it to her husband

b. Why do you think she did it?

She wanted to share the good fruit and the wisdom with Adam.

7. There is a difference between asking God questions and questioning God. In the appropriate columns list some of the times you've asked God sincere questions as well as the times you've questioned God's sovereignty.

I looked up the meaning of sovereignty just to be sure what it meant: surpreme excellence.
to lead me to a Godly husband to make a particular man love me
for someone to be healed as God saw fit to heal a person's physical body only
to help me fight temptation asking why someone died

8. Because our battle with the Enemy begins in the mind, God has given us many safeguards. Fill in the following chart to discover how to fortify your thought life. Explain what you think each instruction means.

Romans 12:2:
fix your attention on God, and He will change you from the inside out. Recognize what he is wanting and be quick to do it.

Ephesians 4:23:
Be willing to change your attitude for the better
Philippians 4:6-7 Pray instead of worrying. Petition God instead of worrying about them. A peace that everything will come together will then cover you, and Christ will displace worry at the center of your life.

Colossians 3:2: Think about the Lord instead of things happening here on earth.

1 Peter 1:13: Ready your mind for the gift that is coming when Jesus arrives.

9.a. We learned that Eve spread her sin to Adam. Read 1 Timothy 2:11-14. Why do you think Paul cited the order of creation here?

I think he was reminding us that men should be in charge since they were created first.

b. Explain who was deceived and how this led to the fall. Who do you think bears the greater burden for the fall and why?

Eve was deceived, and rationalized her actions, then drew Adam into this deception. I think Eve does bear the greater burden, for she not only disobeyed herself, but also coerced Adam into disobedience.

The sin that Eve ultimately committed was covetousness--she wanted what she couldn't have.

Today's lesson ends with this quote from Max Lucado:
The snake pulled back the curtain to the throne room and invited Eve to take a seat. Put on the crown. Pick up the scepter. Put on the cape. See how it feels to have power. See how it feels to have a name. See how it feels to be in control! Eve swallowed the hook. The temptation to be like God eclipsed her view of God.