Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 5: East of Eden

Partaking of forbidden fruit not only changes us, but it also leads to a change of location. Prodigals inevitably find themselves leaving Eden behind.

Had Adam and Eve refused to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they would have remained unrobed and unembarrassed. But once their eyes were opened, they saw themselves differently--what once appeared normal was now perceived as naughty....Honestly, none of us has any reason to be proud of our wardrobe even if it's full of designer labels. Instead, our clothing can serve as a reminder of sin and a warning to avoid disobeying God's commands.

Scripture reading today was from Genesis 3:20-24.

1. What do you learn about the first couple's relationship based on the name Adam gave his wife?
It tells me that he held her up in high esteem as the mother of all living.

2. What clothing did God provide for the couple, and how does this compare to the clothing they chose?

God provided clothing made from animal hides. Adam and Eve chose plants to cover themselves. This represents that in their sin, the couple harmed other living creatures as well as themselves. When Adam and Eve chose clothing, they did so in a way that would not be permanently damaging to anything living.

3. God used the pronoun "Us" to refer to Himself. What does this tell you about His character?

This, I'm not sure about! Is He referring to the angels in Heaven? Who made up the angels, if they were not humans who had passed on to that realm? Did he create angels before Adam and Eve to keep himself company? I'm gonna have to look up commentary on this!

I read a sidenote in the Bible study that answers my question! It says that it points to the Trinity. Though the Trinity is not explicitly stated in the Old Testament, it is implied.

4. Which aspect of the curse did God repeat and why?

He repeated the part about Adam working to till the earth from whence he came. I assume that He repeated this to again restate the change that had to take place...that Adam would no longer get his food without hard work.

5. How did God ensure that the first couple would never be able to eat from the Tree of Life?

He banished them from the Garden, and set cherubim as guards east of Eden. He also placed a flaming sword that turned in all directions so that they might not be able to reach the Tree.

6. Why do you think God prevented the first couple from partaking of the Tree of Life?

It was the major part of their punishment. Before they sinned, they would have been able to live forever in communion with the Lord. But when they ate of the Tree of Life, they were cursed to die. If they were still able to eat the fruit, they would be able to live forever, and this was not to be so.

7. We've seen that Adam's wife was known by three different names, the last of which was Eve. List some of the names or nicknames that you have been given. Who gave them to you and what do they mean?

Christine: child of Christ
Christi: shortened form of my given name
Chris: what my family shortened my name even further to--as did close friends before I married a Chris!
Mouse: a boyfriend of Suzy's called me this, after he saw me in my Chris Mouse pajamas. Then I called myself that in 5th grade just as a nickname, too!
PK: short for Preacher's Kid. The Williams brothers called me that when we lived in Big Stone Gap, and then again when we reconnected at Emory & Henry. In fact, they've referred to me as PK on Facebook recently!
Big Stone: a fella in high school called me that after I said that I thought that he was someone calling from Big Stone on the phone one time!
Gidget: Kevin Stone called me that....I don't really remember why!
Barney: Mike Stansbury called me this in Concert Choir...again, I don't remember exactly why!
Musketeer: my pledge name in college, given to me because I was the third Copeland sister to become a K Phi
Diti: Brenda and Suzy's children called me this before they could pronounce Christi. Ked actually was the first one! Maria still calls me Diti sometimes!
Mrs. Stapleton: my 'school name', given to me by students.
Mommy: given to me by my sons when I gave birth to them.

8. The couple literally clothed themselves in fig leaves, while God dressed them in tunics of skin, offering the first blood sacrifice. Paul uses the analogy of "putting on" clothing to show that we can wear spiritual attributes much as we would wear beautiful garments. Below, list some of your favorite attire and how it makes you feel physically; then read Colossians 3:12, and list the characteristics you'd like to wear spiritually.

From my closet: From God's Word:
pajamas: make me comfy kindness makes others comfy
fancy dress: makes me feel beautiful peace of Christ makes me look beautiful in Him
Slinky brand outfit: feels smooth even tempered, because it acts in a smooth way
tank tops: feels cool humility is acting in a cool instead of hot way

9. God sent Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden, and an angel prevented them from ever returning. Journal about a time you had to leave someplace. How did it make you feel? Where did you go?

As a PK, I had to leave several places! The hardest was leaving Big Stone Gap. I as well established, had friends and a 'position', and was comfortable in my little cocoon. Moving to Rossville felt very naked and exposed in a way. But I realized after struggles that God was with me and would make me feel comfortable and loved no matter where I was. He gave me my loving family to be with me and care about me no matter where I lived.