Sunday, August 1, 2010

Notes from" Prayers that Bring Healing"

Subtitle of the book is "Overcome Sickness, Pain, & Disease. God's Healing Is For You!"

I will be reviewing this book on my other blog soon, and am already impressed with the first page!

The word demand means "a seeking or state of being sought after." It means pressing forward despite obstacles to get to a place where the anointing is and expecting it to fall on you...Too often God's people do not receive miracles and healing because they do not place a demand on the anointing. They don't push forward because they don't expect that something miraculous will happen....Let me tell you this: Don't let the devil talk you out of your healing. Put your mind on God. You have to press through discouragement and frustration so that you don't miss your miracle.
In Matthew 9:36, the Bible says that "When [Jesus] saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd." Jesus cares very deeply that you are hurting and suffering. He doesn't want that for you.

Isaiah 53 is the redemptive chapter. Verse 5 talks about being healed by the stripes of Jesus. The Bible says that Jesus took thirty-nine lashes on His back and body. There are thirty-nine major categories of sickness and disease. Every stripe that Jesus endured took care of a different sickness and disease.
Healing Declarations that I especially like:

By the stripes of Jesus I am healed. He took my sickness; He carried my pain. I believe it is the will of God for me to be healed.

Every hidden sickness and every hidden disease, I command you to leave my body in the name of Jesus.

I command all pain to leave my body in the name of Jesus.

I come against nervous conditions, insomnia, and acid reflux. God had not given me the spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.

I speak to digestive disorders and allergies to certain food. You have no place in my body. You must go in the name of Jesus.

I thank you, Lord, that health and healing are coming now.

When people got word that Jesus was coming to their region, they made their way to meet Him...Their healing, deliverance, and hunger for the Word were so valuable to them that they put their lives on hold and safety at risk. They knew that if they could just get into Jesus' presence all their worries would be subsided and their needs met.

Passive, apathetic saints do not receive from the anointing. We cannot be passive and expect to receive from these gifts. We must be active with our faith.