Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 6: When the Good News Gets Even Better

The Magi brought gifts to Jesus:
Gold signifying _________________. kingship

Frankincense signifying ____________.

Myrrh signifying _________________. death

Herod knew he had been tricked (by the magi). How then do you imagine the magi were able to escape his wrath?
God allowed them to escape, for nothing is possible for Him!

Two teenagers and a newborn infant are forced to flee to a strange land without the means to support their family. Was the gold brought to them by the magi simply a happy coincidence or was an all-knowing God aware six-hundred years prior that a financial pledge would be critical for the young couple as they fled abroad? Was Daniel's heroic answer to the king's dream, which saved the lives of those magi's ancestors, causing them to revere Daniel and his descendant, the Christ child, merely happenstance?

Not in my opinion! God knows the 'big picture' and the entire story from beginning to end. He knew these things before they happened or needed to happen!