Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 7: When the Good News Gets Even Better

Why does the Bible say that Mary and Joseph moved to Nazareth rather than to Judea (Matt. 2: 19-23)?

It says that Archelaus, son of Herod, was appointed to rule over Judea after Herod's death. They were afraid of him, since he was even more bloodthirsty than Herod. In a dream, they were told to settle in Nazareth instead to be safer.

Until His death, Jesus would consistently be known as a ___________.

He would be known as a Nazarene, which fulfilled prophesy.

Thirty years later, who does Philip ask to come and meet Jesus and asks the question "Can anything good come from Nazareth?" (John 1:46)?_____________ Where do you think Jesus was from? ________________

He went and found Nathanael; this is an interesting question to ask the daughter of an itinerant United Methodist minister. Jesus, too, was itinerant. I suppose since he lived most of his upbringing in Nazareth, I would consider him from there. However, he was from wherever the Lord wanted Him to be....just as I am. I am from Weber City/Kingsport/Big Stone Gap/Rossville!

Sidebar of page 31:

In order to understand Hebrew thinking and culture, we must understand the role of the Mishnah in daily Jewish life. The Mishnah is a compilation of laws that the Jews believe were given orally by God and handed down through Israel's great leaders. These laws were compiled into one text around AD 200. They were also called "hedge laws" because they were intended to form a hedge or wall of protection around the Mosaic law. It was these laws, which were actually created by Jewish leaders, that Jesus railed against. The intent had been to help the Jewish people, but by Jesus' day, they had become a tremendous burden and were impossible to obey.

How did Jesus learn and develop the wisdom we observe in the Gospels? Read Isaiah 50:4-9 and write the answer in your own words.

He was woken by God in the morning and prepared Him to take orders. He followed orders, was beaten, had his beard pulled, was insulted, spit upon..all while God helped Him. He set his face like stone knowing that God was there with Him.

Interesting comparison: In Jesus' submission to His parents, we clearly see the superior (God) placing Himself under the authority of the inferior (man). It is said that Francis of Assisi would regularly submit himself under the authority of the youngest member of his order. Why would he do that? Consider what taking this bold step would do in Francis' life. Consider also what this would do in the young man to whom Francis submitted.

What would Francis stand to gain personally from such an action?

Absolutely nothing!

Respond to the principle that the key to authority is submission.

If a person in authority truly approaches his/her job with the attitude of servanthood instead of ruling, he will gain the respect and appreciation of those who serve under him/her. This will show those beneath him/her that he has their best interests at heart instead of his own.

What if the apostle Paul came to you and said he wanted to submit himself to your care and guidance. When you regained consciousness, what would be your first thoughts in terms of how this might help you mature and grow?

Oh wow...I can barely even fathom it! I can only think about how I would want to lead him in knowing more about Jesus and loving Him with all my heart!